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Government Investment in Agricultural transformation:
The Gabiro Agribusiness Hub

Agriculture in Rwanda

The sector's prosperity is attributed to its strategic geographic location and the substantial engagement rate of approximately 70% among the populace. This sector, which comprises around 30% of the national GDP, plays a pivotal role by generating over 70% of the total export revenue.

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Rwandan Agricultural Goals

The Gabiro project aligns seamlessly with Rwanda's development agenda as outlined in the Strategic Plan for Agriculture Transformation 2018-2024, which includes the following objectives:


Double the irrigated land area from ~50k ha to >100k ha.


Reduce harvesting losses from 16% down to 5% or less.


Reduce agriculture imports, promote export of high value crops supported by private sector investors.


Facilitate competitive terms for Foreign Direct Investment.

Roles & Responsibilities


Government of Rwanda

  • Allocate land and water resources

  • Build, maintain and operate national utilities for the project (water, electricity)

  • Implement supportive policies and regulations to attract private sector investments in both the country and project



  • Design and engineering of infrastructure and advanced irrigation scheme

  • Build state of the art water and irrigation facility and technologies

  • Establish on the ground training and support for private sector investors as well as the local communities

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Local Community

  • Benefit from the allocated arable land reserved for community farming

  • Significantly increase livelihood by participating as growers and via direct employment

  • Get leverage from on-the-ground knowledge transfer

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Private Sector Investor

  • Lease and operate commercial irrigation blocks

  • Invest in in-field only (i.e. irrigation, nutrients etc.)

  • Optionally participate in the building and developing of agriculture processing capabilities

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Want to Build a Gabiro Project in Your Country? 

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