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Opportunity for Growers 

What is Precision Irrigation

Precision or Drip Irrigation is the most efficient system for supplying water and nutrients to support crop growth directly to the root zone of each plant, in the correct proportions and timing. This method assures that every plant receives the exact requirements for optimal growth. Consequently, it empowers farmers to achieve higher yields while conserving water and reducing the use of fertilizers and energy.

How does it work? 

Water and nutrients are transported throughout the field via pipes known as "driplines," which are equipped with small components referred to as "drippers." These drippers release droplets containing both water and fertilizer, facilitating the even distribution of these essential elements directly to the root zones of each plant, spanning the entire field.

Precision Irrigation Q&A


Why Do Growers Prefer Drip Irrigation?

Drip irrigation not only offers superior ROI when compared to alternative irrigation techniques but also provides farmers with a simple and effective means of managing their agricultural operations.

It also offers farmers other benefits, including consistently superior yields, significant water conservation, and optimal land utilization. It's an energy-efficient, sustainable solution that minimizes reliance on unpredictable weather conditions.


Why is Drip Irrigation Better for Plants?

Crops require a steady and well-proportioned water supply for their growth. Drip irrigation, by delivering water and nutrients in small, regular amounts, maintains ideal conditions for maximum crop yields.

Drip irrigation fosters thriving plants through abundant water and nutrient access, precise dosing aligned with growth stages, and soil health maintenance. It also reduces salinity risks from excessive fertilization and guards against fungal diseases by avoiding foliage wetting.

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Why Does the World Need Drip Irrigation?

By 2050, our planet will be home to 10 billion people, but the resources available for food production will be diminishing. To address this challenge, the world requires a method to increase agricultural productivity and resource efficiency. Drip irrigation revolutionizes the economics of global agriculture by enabling farmers to cultivate more food per unit of land and water.

Our Products and Solutions

We provide you with the most innovative irrigation equipment, including drippers, driplines, sprinklers, micro sprinklers, and special emitters. We understand that water is a precious resource, and that's why we also offer top-notch filters and valves to ensure efficient water management. With our range of flexible and PE pipes, along with connectors designed for seamless integration, we empower you to achieve higher yields while conserving resources

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Netafim Services offers a fresh approach to embracing precision irrigation, providing expert guidance, delivering impressive outcomes, and minimizing potential risks. This means you can now opt for a customized irrigation solution tailored precisely to your support requirements.

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